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2022-10-19restore: Fix compilation error due to wrong variable nameHEADmasterGravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+2
2022-10-19restore: Only print boot object v3/v4 plist in debug modeGravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+8
2022-10-18Use limera1n_is_supported instead of compatibility check added with previous ...Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-17/+1
2022-10-12Check if device is limera1n-vulnerable for --pwn optionGravatar Alfie Cockell Gwinnett1-8/+30
2022-10-11recovery: Also send "go" and "reset" commands with bRequest set to 1Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+2
2022-10-08recovery: Send bootx with bRequest set to 1 for all platformsGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+1
2022-10-07[github-actions] Fix MinGW buildGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+1
2022-10-05recovery: set bRequest to 1 when sending bootx commandGravatar Munehisa Kamata1-1/+1
2022-10-04img4: Add support for stitching with additional TBM dataGravatar Nikias Bassen3-7/+191
2022-10-02Reduce memory usage for SourceBootObjectV4 imagesGravatar Nikias Bassen4-91/+201
2022-09-25tss: Add preliminary code to set UID_MODEGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+12
2022-09-25tss: Make sure vinyl tags include eUICC,Gold and eUICC,Main digestsGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+19
2022-09-21img4: Add some more component tagsGravatar Nikias Bassen1-16/+28
2022-09-21tss: Add NeRDEpoch to TSS requests for newer devices (iPhone 13 and up)Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+2
2022-09-20ipsw: Add some NULL checks to ipsw_extract_to_file_with_progress()Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+12
2022-09-16tss: Don't add @BBTicket in tss_request_new()Gravatar Nikias Bassen2-2/+1
2022-09-16Fix Cryptex1 and Cryptex1LocalPolicy TSS request handlingGravatar Nikias Bassen3-15/+74
2022-08-29restore: Add support for Cryptex1LocalPolicy firmware updaterGravatar Nikias Bassen1-10/+23
2022-08-29restore: use an appropriate ticket for Cryptex1 global manifestGravatar Munehisa Kamata1-7/+24
2022-08-23tss: Skip components with IsFTAB:true when adding AP tags to requestGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+6
2022-06-28restore: Don't print 'Attempting to continue after critical error' warning wh...Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+1
2022-06-28Make sure to exactly match the passed variant when using --variantGravatar Nikias Bassen3-9/+9
2022-06-27Add --variant command line switch to specify build identity to useGravatar Nikias Bassen2-4/+16
2022-06-27Ignore 'Research*' variant in build identity selectionGravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+2
2022-06-27ipsw: Add workaround for missing RestoreBehavior entries for ipsw infoGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+9
2022-06-27Don't print an error message when RestoreBehavior is missingGravatar Nikias Bassen1-13/+6
2022-06-27ipsw: Improve error message when fwrite failsGravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+2
2022-06-23Support iOS 16.0 Beta 2 (#506)Gravatar Emma Lethaltail1-0/+1
2022-06-20Remove more serial number checks, and get ECID early on in all modesGravatar Nikias Bassen8-135/+31
2022-06-20Add support for FirmwareUpdaterPreflight messageGravatar Clément Decoodt1-0/+31
2022-06-17Use more elegant way to match file name to component nameGravatar Nikias Bassen1-37/+33
2022-06-17restore: Fix memory corruption in restore_get_timer_firmware_dataGravatar Doron Zarhi1-1/+1
2022-06-17Add support for iOS 16Gravatar Doron Zarhi4-21/+157
2022-05-23ipsw: Update to reflect color macro name change in libimobiledevice-glueGravatar Nikias Bassen1-7/+7
2022-04-27Fix restore for devices that don't have eUICCGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+1
2022-04-25Increase recovery mode disconnect and re-connect timeout from 10 to 60 secondsGravatar Rodrigo Arias1-2/+2
2022-04-15configure: Only check for pthread if really requiredGravatar Nikias Bassen2-524/+6
2022-04-14configure: Make sure the plist_from_json worksGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+1
2022-04-13Print version string upon executionGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+2
2022-04-13autoconf: Automatically derive version number from latest git tagGravatar Nikias Bassen2-19/+51
2022-04-12More code improvements using _plist_dict_copy_* helperGravatar Nikias Bassen3-52/+13
2022-04-12Use proper detection for macOS restore path (instead of version number compar...Gravatar Nikias Bassen5-17/+21
2022-04-10Fix build identity selection for beta (developer) firmwareGravatar Nikias Bassen3-17/+14
2022-04-10restore: Fixed a problem that nobody even knew existedGravatar Nikias Bassen2-7/+11
2022-04-08normal: Skip fetching FirmwarePreflightInfo for non-baseband devicesGravatar Nikias Bassen1-6/+17
2022-04-07tss: Fix img4 tag for TSS requestGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+1
2022-04-07tss/restore: Improve code readability with plist helpers and removal of unnee...Gravatar Nikias Bassen4-810/+243
2022-04-06Add support for Timer,* components and TSS found in iPad Air 5th gen firmwareGravatar Nikias Bassen3-0/+353
2022-04-05ipsw: Use libplist's new plist_from_json APIGravatar Nikias Bassen6-639/+3
2022-04-04Updated README with pkg-config requirementGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+2