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authorGravatar Martin Szulecki2012-05-17 15:44:31 +0200
committerGravatar Martin Szulecki2012-05-17 15:44:31 +0200
commit84235e0834e57551028329723f4510e1dbe7bc11 (patch)
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cython: Do not override final methods as comply to Cython >= 0.16 strict check
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4 files changed, 8 insertions, 9 deletions
diff --git a/cython/afc.pxi b/cython/afc.pxi
index cf72b69..0383471 100644
--- a/cython/afc.pxi
+++ b/cython/afc.pxi
@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ cdef class AfcClient(BaseService):
err = afc_client_free(self._c_client)
- cdef inline BaseError _error(self, int16_t ret):
+ cdef BaseError _error(self, int16_t ret):
return AfcError(ret)
cpdef list get_device_info(self):
diff --git a/cython/imobiledevice.pxd b/cython/imobiledevice.pxd
index d0d1ada..3ec8dfb 100644
--- a/cython/imobiledevice.pxd
+++ b/cython/imobiledevice.pxd
@@ -51,8 +51,8 @@ cdef class BaseService(Base):
cdef class PropertyListService(BaseService):
cpdef send(self, plist.Node node)
cpdef object receive(self)
- cdef inline int16_t _send(self, plist.plist_t node)
- cdef inline int16_t _receive(self, plist.plist_t* c_node)
+ cdef int16_t _send(self, plist.plist_t node)
+ cdef int16_t _receive(self, plist.plist_t* c_node)
cdef extern from "libimobiledevice/lockdown.h":
cdef struct lockdownd_client_private:
diff --git a/cython/imobiledevice.pyx b/cython/imobiledevice.pyx
index ffaa3c1..9d2e13d 100644
--- a/cython/imobiledevice.pyx
+++ b/cython/imobiledevice.pyx
@@ -25,9 +25,8 @@ cdef class Base:
return 0
cdef BaseError err = self._error(ret)
raise err
- return -1
- cdef inline BaseError _error(self, int16_t ret): pass
+ cdef BaseError _error(self, int16_t ret): pass
cdef extern from "libimobiledevice/libimobiledevice.h":
ctypedef enum idevice_error_t:
@@ -211,10 +210,10 @@ cdef class PropertyListService(BaseService):
- cdef inline int16_t _send(self, plist.plist_t node):
+ cdef int16_t _send(self, plist.plist_t node):
raise NotImplementedError("send is not implemented")
- cdef inline int16_t _receive(self, plist.plist_t* c_node):
+ cdef int16_t _receive(self, plist.plist_t* c_node):
raise NotImplementedError("receive is not implemented")
cdef class DeviceLinkService(PropertyListService):
diff --git a/cython/mobilesync.pxi b/cython/mobilesync.pxi
index 0ec4710..e610191 100644
--- a/cython/mobilesync.pxi
+++ b/cython/mobilesync.pxi
@@ -149,10 +149,10 @@ cdef class MobileSyncClient(DeviceLinkService):
- cdef inline int16_t _send(self, plist.plist_t node):
+ cdef int16_t _send(self, plist.plist_t node):
return mobilesync_send(self._c_client, node)
- cdef inline int16_t _receive(self, plist.plist_t* node):
+ cdef int16_t _receive(self, plist.plist_t* node):
return mobilesync_receive(self._c_client, node)
cdef inline BaseError _error(self, int16_t ret):